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3 easy ways to wear a scarf

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3 easy ways to wear a scarf

Add texture and style to a basic outfit with a printed scarf or add ladylike polish to a structured look with a plain, uncomplicated shawl. No matter how you like to dress a simple scarf can add instant sophistication to any outfit, and armed with different ways to tie you’ll never be short of outfit options.

The double wrap

If you’re in a hurry the simplest style is the double wrap. Placing the scarf around your neck cross the ends over in front of you and loop them round to hang over your lapel. There are plenty of twists on this tie that are perfect for the working week and weekends.


To create a polished, casual look fold your scarf to create a triangular shape and wrap around your neck with the point in front of your chest. Tie the ends of the triangle at the back of your neck bringing the end round to tuck under the front. Instant off duty chic.


Whether you’re going for sophisticated chic or pared back elegance a shawl is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Simply throw over the top of a tailor jacket or your favourite dress and you’re good to go.

With so many ways to tie a scarf we’re truly spoilt for choice. What are you favourite ways to add an extra edge to your outfit?

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