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Of all the pets we’ve had over the years – and my goodness, this house could have given Whipsnade a run for its money at various points – Tiddles the Tortoise was my favourite. For so many reasons. You never had to worry about him jumping up and pawing your cashmere, or running off his lead in the park. Dear Daughter had hours of fun polishing his shell (except for that time when it was nail polish instead – not fun for Tiddles, not fun for DD whose toys were confiscated for a week. It did wear off, thankfully). But the thing I admired most of all about him? His hibernation habit. Pop him in a box with some soil and he’d sleep till spring. And I tell you this because – I KNOW HOW HE FELT.

As the nights draw in, I’m planning some ‘hygge’, aka the Danish concept of homely cosy time that everyone seems to be talking about. I can’t pronounce it, but I’m taking it as seriously as they do. I’ve indulged in some luxurious loungewear for starters. The Cashmere Lounge Pants in Navy have a lovely loose fit, and teamed with a matching Cashmere Hooded Poncho, they’re the next best thing to actually staying in bed. Light a Jo Malone candle, slather on a face mask and voila – pampering heaven. I’ve also invested in the Cashmere Joggers. The chic slimmer cut means I can pop them on with my Bardot Sweater (in Pillarbox Red for a splash of colour) and head out for a hot chocolate or a little retail therapy with friends, looking as if I’ve made an effort.

My other autumn essential: the Woven Wrap Shawl in Grey/Blue. Swathed round my shoulders on the sofa, tucked into a coat for a bracing country walk, draped over Dear Husband’s head when he won’t stop talking during The Great British Bake Off…the uses are literally endless.

Happy Hygge!

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