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The Outdoor Event Dressing Dilemma

Written By Pure Collection on the

Well, hello. My name is Lily and yes, I am a cashmere addict. Back in the early years, I tried to hide it. I've pretended my Gassato sweaters were acrylic, I've sworn a new pashmina wrap was mere lambs name the ply, I've tried to pass it off. But, you know, these days, I'm out. I've come to realise: it could be worse.

Some people splurge the uni-fee fund on La Prairie. Some (and I'm not judgemental) have to be seated WELL OUT OF REACH of the Merlot when they're invited for dinner, in case they drink the entire year's Wine Society subscription before the mains have even made it to the table. As foibles go, at least mine keeps me warm at all times. And I cannot say the same for my friend, who's just sunk her savings into a Bulgarian ski chalet. Anyway, I digress.

This month, the conundrum facing me and my walk-in wardrobe: The Great Outdoorsy Event Dressing Dilemma. It all started one evening, when the tension of the Helen Titchener trial was starting to get to me; I wandered into the garden for a breather. And I noticed – it wasn’t raining! There were actually a few evening rays warming the patio. It was time to pack away the parka and start planning a few summer-weather ensembles.

You see when you’re jumping up and down cheering on Andy Murray on Centre Court, being trussed up in a dress can make you feel more uncomfortable than Theresa May facing a leopard-shoe shortage. No, what is called for is a jazzy trouser.

Chic of print yet easy of wear, the Capri Trousers were an absolute lifesaver teamed with a Silk Blouse and flats for traipsing up and down the Goodwood hill climb.

Next up – my top half. My trip with Dear Husband (DH) to the America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth is looming, bringing with it the blustery joy of trying to stop my floppy sunhat flying off in the sea breeze. I haven’t solved that (YET. Weighted brim?) but I have identified two perfect, dressy summer knits:

1. A Featherlight Sweater with a tie-hem for that sportif touch – (Perhaps I’ll indulge myself with two now that they’re on sale)

2. A chic fitted Cropped Sweater with navy dots. I’ve tried it on with a maxi skirt and wedges and it also works a treat with jeans. Even DH remarked that spots suit me. The phrasing was unfortunate, but he means well.

Lily x

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