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Holidays Are Here

Written By Pure Collection on the

Well, buongiorno. That’s right, fellow cashmere lovers, Tuscany calls. After dithering over the Dordogne and researching more Spanish hideaways than Ronnie Biggs, DH (Dear Husband) and I have finally settled on a converted convent in Chianti. It’s nestled amongst the winding hills – but not too winding, I can only hope. DH will NOT use a Satnav and like most of the male species, would literally rather eat his sunglasses than ask for directions. My Italian is (whisper it) a little rusty, so I've stocked up on maps and phrase books galore. All too easy to end up in Vienna not Siena, like that other year we don't talk about....

Anyway, back to matters sartorial. I’ve been mulling over the eternal plane-dressing problem – when you arrive at the airport at dawn after a long battle up the M4, you want something warm and comfy – goodness knows, plane seats nowadays are bad enough... But when you step out of the plane into balmier climes, all you want to do is dump that chunky cableknit behind the nearest palm tree. Ladies, my message to you: layering is your friend.

Take one Cashmere Cami Top in Iced Grey, and add one Cashmere Oversized Poncho in Navy. Worn with some drawstring trousers, it’s basically the chic version of walking around in PJs. And that poncho might be cosy enough to keep out those in-flight draughts, but it certainly does roll up small for touchdown. Sadly also perfect for drizzly autumn days when I’m back home and wondering if the fields of sun-soaked Italian lavender were just a hallucination, too.

And I do love a poncho for alfresco evening dining, so I’ll be throwing on the light-as-a-feather, Gassato Poncho in Nordic Blue – just the right note of casual elegance over a t-shirt, not to mention providing crucial camouflage for overindulgence. I can almost taste the pancetta risotto already – and DH will certainly be tasting everything in sight. Pecorino, Chainti, Pizza… I fear for his waistbands, I really do. Oh well, plenty of time to put him on the 5:2 Diet come autumn.

Happy holidays, all! Ciao…

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