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Pure Cashmere Weights

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Cashmere Weights

Superfine, Signature and Gassato – our three cashmere weights illustrate the pure versatility of our cashmere and why we believe it should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe all year round. Choose from the exquisite drape of our sumptuous Superfine cashmere, the everyday luxury of our Signature cashmere or the airy lightness of our Gassato cashmere. Each offers something different, but there’s something that links them all – Pure quality.


Our original 12 gauge knit is spun to offer a beautifully dense, fine knit that fits like a dream, perfect for day-to-night dressing but washes in your machine. Practical and beautiful this deliciously soft cashmere is created in a variety of shapes so you can have a little Pure Luxury every day.

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Gassato means frothy in Italian, which will make perfect sense as soon as you experience this sublimely light and soft gauzy open knit. Gassato cashmere works beautifully with relaxed shapes and makes layering effortlessly easy.

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Our most densely refined and richly sumptuous cashmere, expertly crafted the Pure way to bring you the luxurious drape you love, with unparalleled feel and fit that says the best quality ever, bar none.

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