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The 2017 Travel Hotlist

Written By Pure Collection on the

Whether it's for a day, week or a month, plan your escape here with our 2017 travel hotlist...

Destination: Capri

Famous for its breathtaking landscapes, lavish hotels and luxurious shopping district, Capri is the perfect retreat for those seeking total relaxation this summer.

Destination: Bhutan

One of the world's most eco-friendliest nations, Bhutan offers spectacular scenery, captivating culture and delectable dishes.  Why not  visit the country's most iconic landmark, the Paro Taktstang monestry?  The views on the way up to it are worth the visit alone.

Destination: Monte Carlo

A timeless playground, Monte Carlo  is not just famous for its thrilling F1 Grand Prix (25th-28th May).  This European hideaway also boasts the Casino de Monte Carlo and  beautiful botanic gardens Jardin Exotique. If you're seeking a glamourous getaway, this place is for you.

Destination: Madagascar

Considered one of the finest natural harbours in the world, Antsiranana Bay is the perfect place to top up your tan!  Take a bush taxi  to Ramena, a small village with an uncrowded beach and quintessential restaurants dotted along the ocean front.

Destination: New Zealand

For those thrill seekists out there, why not  head to the home of extreme sports; Queensland?  From bungee jumping off Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, or jet-boating along the Shotover River, whatever  you  decide to do, you're sure to find your adrenaline rush here.

Photo Credits: / Bhutan (RudolfT), Madagascar (pierivb), Monaco (AlessandroColle) & New Zealand (gracethang).

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