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Tricky Transition Dressing

Written By Pure Collection on the

The sun might be in and out more times than a Clinton poll, but you can almost feel there’s a nip in the air. And it still all feels very back to school – in fact, it’s all reminding me a little too much of my name-tape-sewing days with Dear Daughter. (Admittedly, they didn’t last long once I discovered the joys of Biro instead – yes, that ink-running hot-wash incident was unfortunate, but just think of the time I saved over the years!)

Anyway. The issue that always confronts me come autumn can be summarised as: Necklines, Necklines, Necklines. It’s not cold enough to swathe yourself head to toe in knits, but it’s a little too chill for an exposed collarbone. My latest haul means I’ve got all bases covered. The Gassato Relaxed Sweater has such a chic wide neck – just high enough to be snug but a little bit late-summer at the same time.

Meanwhile, my post-Tuscany Project Tone-Up is going great guns. The other day, I managed an entire game of tennis at the club without once resorting to a lie-down on court  mid-set. And I’ve got just the piece for a suitably sportif look – hello, Cashmere Hooded Poncho! Popped on with some leggings and my new Nikes, it keeps me warm while I’m warming up, so to speak.

For days when it’s undeniably NOT SUMMER anymore, I’ve invested in a divine Sempre Cashmere Tunic in Heather Grey. I can scrunch the soft polo-neck down or stretch it up, depending on pesky chill factor. I put it on with some ballet flats and shimmied down to town in it the other day – I need to show off my vanishing tan while my legs are still more gold than milk-bottle white. But it will be just the job over a pair of cigarette pants or tights and chunky boots shortly.

That’s it from me for now – good luck with that Tricky Transition Dressing…




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