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3 Simple Ways To Detox Your Wardrobe

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2016 trends are all about minimalism, versatility and understated elegance. In order to throw together an outfit together with minimal effort we’re detoxing our wardrobes in 3 simple steps leaving us feeling refreshed and energised for the year ahead.

Go back to basics. Simple trousers, slim silhouettes and comfortable cashmere sweaters are key.  Let the fabrics do the talking.

Love what you wear. We all have one piece we absolutely adore. Whether it’s an old favourite or a new statement piece let your personality shine through and rekindle the joy in getting dressed.

Create a colour palette. Whether you’re a lover of bold brights or prefer subtle monochrome create a wardrobe of complementary colours and give yourself endless outfit choices for the season ahead.

How are you organising your wardrobe for 2016?

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