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Women Who Inspire: Christina Noble

Written By Pure Collection on the

To celebrate International Women's Day, Pure Collection is honouring one woman who has never failed to inspire us; Christina Noble. Here is her story...

Christina Noble speaking about children's rights

Christina Noble Children's Foundation work with over 1500 orphaned, homeless and abandoned children in Mongolia to give them back their childhood.

Christina's passion for children's rights is rooted in her upbringing, where she was born in the slums of Dublin. She and her three siblings were raised by their mother, who sadly died when Christina was 10. This tragedy resulted in Christina and her brothers and sisters getting split up and sent to different orphanages. Spending four years in an institution in the west of Ireland, Christina was led to believe that her siblings were dead.

Her time in the institution then brought her to Phoenix Park in Dublin, where Christina slept in a hole in the ground that she had dug herself.  She later ran away to England to be with her brother at the age of 18, where Christina met and married her husband and had three wonderful children. 


Years later in 1971, Christina had a dream about helping children in need in Vietnam. This was a dream that she would one day fufill, 20 years later.

Against all odds, Christina Noble set up the Foundation in Ho Minh City in 1991 to provide children with the care and help they needed for a better way of life. In 1997, Christina expanded the Foundation's operations into Mongolia.

The Blue Skies Ger Village in Mongolia ensures the children in its care enjoy a loving and safe environment, are able to receive an education, high quality of healthcare and retain a close link with Mongolian traditions and customs.


Mongolia is especially close to our hearts as this is the source of our cashmere, making Christina and her Children's Foundation the perfect choice for our charitable efforts.

Together, and with your help, we've raised over £200,000! This has directly helped with the running costs of the children’s home – thank you!

the stylish way to give back

Make a difference this season with our stylish charity scarf. For each scarf sold we donate 25% to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

Charity scarf

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