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    Cashmere Care Set


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    Pure Sweater Bag


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Caring for your cashmere

Cashmere is what we do best and love most. That's why we offer a range of care products so you can treasure your beautiful, cashmere clothing for years to come.

Cashmere does require a little more extra care than standard wool garments. But if cared for correctly, cashmere keeps its shape for years. Why not discover our range of cashmere care products today?

No owner of cashmere should be without our Cashmere Wash product. A specially formulated cleaning lotion, this product will carefully clean your garment while retaining its colour and natural handle perfectly.

Our Cedar Balls absorb moisture, which prevents mould and can be used as an alternative to mothballs for protecting your cashmere. The Pure Sweater Bag is the perfect solution for storage and travel, allowing the nature fibres of cashmere to breathe. This handy product will also protect your cashmere clothing against moth damage.                

Pills appear on the surface of fabric because of rubbing or abrasion during normal day-to-day use. You can easily remove any naturally occurring pilling with our Cashmere Comb – it’s quite therapeutic too!

Yet as much as you care for your cashmere, sometimes everyday wear and tear can damage your knits. The good news is that we have a team of experts who can repair your cashmere – making snags, drags or other unwanted mishaps disappear. Find out more here.

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