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Yes, you can machine wash your cashmere!

Quality Cashmere is an investment piece, and if cared for properly, will be part of your wardrobe for years to come. We offer a selection of our Signature Cashmere garments that are machine washable, meaning they are not just a joy to wear but beautifully simple to look after too.

If the label in your cashmere garment guarantees a machine wash, go ahead and pop it in your washing machine. We recommend washing your cashmere clothing separately or with similar colour knitwear, and cleaning with your Pure Cashmere Wash, never with a fabric conditioner. Our Signature pieces can be put on a delicate wash or washed at 30c/90f and on a short spin. To ensure you keep the shape of cashmere, place your garment on a flat surface, re-shape and leave to dry naturally. You should never tumble-dry your cashmere.


To learn more about how you can take care of your cashmere and ensure your knits keep their softness and luxurious feel, read our Cashmere Care Guide.

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