Purist Cashmere

For the ultimate in comfort, you’ll want nothing less than the softest and most natural Cashmere money can buy. So let us introduce you to our Purist Cashmere range.

Just like all the rest of Pure Collection’s quality products, Purist Cashmere is sourced from the heart of inner Mongolia. And just like everything else we make, the products go through a thorough cleaning process, removing all coarse matter from the fabric.

Yet with Purist, that’s just the start – we go one step further. Well, actually, one step fewer. You see, all of the Cashmere in our Purist range is completely natural, with no dye or treatments, making it the softest and warmest fabric you are ever likely to feel against your skin.

Getting the very best fabric doesn’t mean compromising on choice either. You’ll find everything you could want in our Purist collection, from snuggly sweaters to fluffy hats, comfy mitts to silky snoods. All our Purist Cashmere comes in the three usual styles - Gassato, Textured and Ribbed. Only with absolutely no artificial treatments.

So whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of Cashmere mitts to keep you warm in the cold weather, or a stylish Cashmere cardigan to keep you looking good all year round, you cannot go wrong with our wonderfully natural Purist range of Cashmere.

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