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    • Lilac Texture
      Lilac Texture
    • Multi Blue Dogtooth
      Multi Blue Dogtooth
    • Pink/ Red Dogtooth
      Pink/ Red Dogtooth
    • Bright Turquoise
      Bright Turquoise
    • Dog Tooth
      Dog Tooth
    • Rich Berry
      Rich Berry
    Wool Pencil Skirt

    128.82 Fr.

    • Pale Blue Texture
      Pale Blue Texture
    • Candy Pink
      Candy Pink
    • Navy Diamond Jacquard
      Navy Diamond Jacquard
    • White
    • Multi Coloured Tweed
      Multi Coloured Tweed
    Textured Pencil Skirt

    85.88 Fr. to 156.14 Fr.

    • Black
    • Burgundy
    Soft Pleat Skirt

    117.11 Fr.

    • Black Stripe
      Black Stripe
    • Soft Walnut
      Soft Walnut
    Knitted Skirt

    188.67 Fr. 93.68 Fr.

    • Multi Blue Dogtooth
      Multi Blue Dogtooth
    • Orange Dogtooth
      Orange Dogtooth
    A Line Skirt

    70.26 Fr. to 117.11 Fr.

    • Camel
    • Black
    A Line Skirt

    110.60 Fr. 66.36 Fr.

    • Black
    • Navy
    Jersey Tube Skirt

    78.07 Fr. 39.04 Fr.

    • Midnight
    Leather A Line Skirt

    325.29 Fr.

    • Navy/White
    • Black/White
    Jersey Tube Skirt

    78.07 Fr. 39.04 Fr.

    • Navy
    • Pastel Green
      Pastel Green
    • Soft Stone
      Soft Stone
    • Soft Pink
      Soft Pink
    Cotton Chino Skirt

    58.55 Fr. to 72.87 Fr.

    • Black Sequin
      Black Sequin
    Sequin Pencil Skirt

    169.15 Fr. 83.28 Fr.

    • Black
    • Midnight Blue
      Midnight Blue
    Washed Velvet Button Skirt

    52.05 Fr. to 62.46 Fr.

    • Heather Charcoal/Iced Grey
      Heather Charcoal/Iced Grey
    • Navy/Marble
    • Rich Berry/Black
      Rich Berry/Black
    • Black/Soft White
      Black/Soft White
    • Blue Stripe
      Blue Stripe
    Knitted Skirt

    54.65 Fr. to 136.62 Fr.

    • Mint Herringbone
      Mint Herringbone
    • Coral Texture
      Coral Texture
    • Blue/Black
    • Grey and Coloured Check
      Grey and Coloured Check
    • Scarlet
    • Pink Herringbone
      Pink Herringbone
    • Red Oversized Check
      Red Oversized Check
    • Blue Check
      Blue Check
    • Grey
    • Deep Lime
      Deep Lime
    • Pink Texture
      Pink Texture
    • Grey/White
    Wool Pencil Skirt

    45.54 Fr. to 76.77 Fr.

    • Navy
    • Navy Stripe
      Navy Stripe
    Knitted Skirt

    182.16 Fr. 91.08 Fr.

    • Black/Sesame
    Knitted Full Skirt

    182.16 Fr. 72.87 Fr.

    • Digital Floral
      Digital Floral
    • Black Diamond
      Black Diamond
    • Turquoise Leaf
      Turquoise Leaf
    • Multi Coloured Stripe
      Multi Coloured Stripe
    • Blue Mosaic Print
      Blue Mosaic Print
    • Navy Floral Print
      Navy Floral Print
    Pencil Skirt

    41.64 Fr. to 62.46 Fr.

    • Black
    • Maple
    • Ink
    Leather pencil skirt

    161.35 Fr. to 242.02 Fr.

    • Blue Geo Print
      Blue Geo Print
    • Denim
    • Brushed Spot Print
      Brushed Spot Print
    • Multi Tile Print
      Multi Tile Print
    • Mosaic Print
      Mosaic Print
    • Blue Mosaic Print
      Blue Mosaic Print
    • Red Texture Print
      Red Texture Print
    • Zebra Print
      Zebra Print
    • Abstract Paisley Print
      Abstract Paisley Print
    Pencil Skirt

    27.32 Fr. to 58.55 Fr.

    • Heritage Blue
      Heritage Blue
    Denim Midi Skirt

    97.59 Fr. 49.44 Fr.

    • Coral
    • Navy
    Jersey Wrap Maxi Skirt

    97.59 Fr. 58.55 Fr.

    • Navy/White
    Jersey Tube Skirt

    78.07 Fr. 46.84 Fr.

Elegant skirts to streamline your silhouette

Our skirts are the epitome of sophisticated elegance. Whether you’re twirling on the dance floor or working it in the boardroom, a Pure Collection skirt never fails to make a striking statement.



Our collection of women’s jackets and women’s coats come in a variety of lengths and styles. And thanks to our range of fine fabrics, they can be worn all year round.

Our skirts come in an array of hemlines and shapes, so you never need to chase styles – we’ve got a-line skirts, knee length pencil skirts and long maxi skirts. We also give you a range of colours to choose from. Our skirt styles come in sizes 8 to 20, so you can find the right fit for your shape.


We carefully select exquisite fabrics for all our skirts so you feel special everytime you wear them. Many of our skirts are made of warm, cosy wool and cashmere. Our finest quality cashmere is sourced from the fleece of Mongolian goats. Not only is it exquisitely soft and warm, but it’s surprisingly durable and will last years if looked after in accordance to our guide.

One of our favourite fabrics is luxurious jersey. It’s cut to create a smooth curve-defining shape, making it the perfect choice for a range of our skirts. Other fabrics we love include linen, denim, velvet and leather.


Our versatile skirts pair beautifully with pretty much everything in your wardrobe, making them a perfect option for work-to-weekend wear. Why not style them with cashmere knit this season? 

Pure Loves