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Discover why linen is a suitcase essential

From linen tunics to linen tops, we make dressing for the warmest time of the year easy, breezy and beautiful. Whether you’re shopping for a casual daytime look or searching for a statement piece, you’ll find must-pack clothing for your next holiday in our women’s linen collection.

Lightweight and low-maintenance, linen clothing is unbeatable in summer especially if you’re traveling in hot or humid conditions. The highly absorbent and airy fabric can also be washed and dried easily – and doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase!

The weave and fibre structure of linen garments allows for greater airflow, so the material stays away from your skin and prevents clothes clinging to your body. Linen allows heat to escape much faster than fabrics such as wool and silk, so it’s perfect for keeping you cool.

Just like many of our super-luxe fabrics, linen will stand the test of time due to its strength and durability.

In our latest collection, you’ll find a range of stunning linen dresses in all kinds of necklines, cuts and shapes. For a chic everyday look, try our exquisitely soft linen shirts with cute button-up sleeves and a loose, relaxed drape. Our linen tops and linen trousers are a perfect match – a sophisticated and timeless trend you’ll wear year after year.

At home or away, our linen pieces look cool, crisp and relaxed with many other styles. Why not effortlessly style a shirt dress with heels or flats or team an easy pull on linen top with a pair of cropped trousers?


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