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We go to great lengths to use only the finest fibres and understand the care and attention it deserves. We’d like to share our years of experience with you in this simple guide, to keep your cashmere looking its best whether you wash by
hand or in a machine.

Cashmere Care
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Cashmere Care

A selection of our signature cashmere pieces are machine washable – perfect for times when you’re in a hurry. Simply check the label in your garment to see if it is guaranteed for machine washing. 

How to Machine Wash
• Place your cashmere inside a laundry bag.
• Wash separately or with similar colour knits.
• Use a gentle liquid wool detergent, we do not recommend using a fabric conditioner.
• Select the 30C, 90F or cold "delicate wash" cycle. Short spin.
• Re-shape your garment on a flat surface.
• Leave to dry naturally.
• Do not tumble dry.

Not Suitable For Machine Wash
Our Gassato,Featherweight cashmere are naturally more delicate and are unsuitable for machine washing. We do not recommend washing your cashmere in a top loading washing machine.


Treasure your cashmere forever by letting our experts repair or
refurbish your garment