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Our Story

“The world’s finest cashmere, sensibly priced and expertly crafted into beautiful, modern styles to make you feel special and look terrific.”

That was the goal when Nick Falkingham and Adam Holdsworth founded Pure Collection fifteen years ago and it remains at the heart of what we do today.

  • 2002

    Founded by Nick Falkingham and Adam Holdsworth, Pure Collection started off with just 25 pieces, which featured in its first 28 page catalogue.

  • 2006

    We Launched Pure Collection in the US, which remains a strong market for the brand.

  • 2007

    We launched our successful womens range when our customers asked us for beautiful clothes to complement our cashmere. We haven't looked back since.

  • 2011

    We entered the UK High street with boutiques in York and Tunbridge Wells, giving customers a chance to experience first hand all the tactile beauty of cashmere as well as bringing the brand to life through a boutique retail experience.

  • In February we opened our first John Lewis Partnership concession in Brent Cross and by the end of 2016, we will have concessions within 30 John Lewis stores.

  • 2016

    Director Sam Harrison was appointed CEO. We know she’s going to do wonders with it!

  • 2017

    This spring we launched the new look Pure Collection. With improved website functionality and a new brand direction, we’re sure you’ll love it!


Our Future

Today, the company that began with just a few cashmere styles is now a fast-growing, multi-channel retailer with over 200 dedicated staff (and one black Labrador called Bertie).. 

  • But we’d never get too big for our boots (we’re from Yorkshire after all) and we still choose to base ourselves in the beautiful Victorian spa town of Harrogate, in the north of England.

  • Tradition and heritage mean a lot to us, which is why we continue to work closely in partnership with our goat herders in Mongolia. But we also embrace the new, using modern dyeing and manufacturing processes to create exciting colours, effects and weights with our yarn.

We’ve been pioneering sustainable cashmere farming since 2008.


Goat to Garment

Our cashmere is sourced from goats in Mongolia. From the beginning we’ve nurtured relationships with our herders and worked directly with them, so we can ensure superb quality at a price that’s fair and right.

  • Sustainable Cashmere

    Sustainable Cashmere

    Pure Collection has been at the forefront of sustainable farming since 2008, pioneering a farming programme which tackles the root cause of desertification caused by overgrazing in the Mongolian grasslands. By providing an incentive for herders to feed their goats on a nutritious feed, grazing on ecologically sensitive grasslands is minimised.

  • Made With Love

    It takes the fibre of around eight goats to make one Pure Collection sweater, other cashmere companies may only use the fibre from four goats. We like to think this makes our cashmere twice as nice.

    Made With Love
  • It takes the fibres of around 8 goats to make one of our sweaters.

  • The Perfect Colour

    We dye our cashmere before spinning it into yarn to give unsurpassable softness and a beautiful colour vibrancy.

    The Perfect Colour
  • Cashmere For  Every Occasion

    Cashmere For Every Occasion

    Our cashmere comes in four specially designed weights; signature, purist, gassato and cashmere infused.

  • It’s All In The Detail

    For us, small details are a big deal. Some are more obvious than others; an eye-catching cable or a two-tone twist. Others are less so; the length of a sleeve, the dip of a hem. Cashmere that’s beautiful to look at and wonderful to wear.

    It’s All In The Detail
  • "Cashmere that's beautiful to look at and wonderful to wear."

  • The Pure Promise

    Each one of our cashmere garments undergoes 40 different hand processes and is subject to rigorous quality checks by our own staff before it is packed and shipped.

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    The Pure Promise

We promise uncompromising quality, exceptional service and brilliant value for money.


Our charity work

Pure are proud to support the very important work of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) in Mongolia.


Shop Our Charity Scarf

For each scarf sold we donate 25% to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.


Christina's Story

Christina Noble Children's Foundation work with over 1,500 orphaned, homeless and abandoned children in Mongolia to give them back their childhood.

  • Christina's passion for children's rights is rooted in her upbringing, where she was born in the slums of Dublin. She and her three siblings were raised by their mother, who sadly died when Christina was 10. This tragedy resulted in Christina and her brothers and sisters getting split up and sent to different orphanages. Spending four years in an institution in the west of Ireland, Christina was led to believe that her siblings were dead.

  • Her time in the institution then brought her to Phoenix Park in Dublin, where Christina slept in a hole in the ground that she had dug herself.  She later ran away to England to be with her brother at the age of 18, where Christina met and married her husband and had three wonderful children. Years later in 1971, Christina had a dream about helping children in need in Vietnam. This was a dream that she would one day fufill, 20 years later.

  • Against all odds, Christina Noble set up the Foundation in Ho Minh City in 1991 to provide children with the care and help they needed for a better way of life. In 1997, Christina expanded the Foundation's operations into Mongolia. The Blue Skies Ger Village in Mongolia ensures the children in its care enjoy a loving and safe environment, are able to receive an education, high quality of healthcare and retain a close link with Mongolian traditions and customs.

    Watch the video

Thank you

With your help we have raised over £250,000

This has directly helped with the running costs of the children's home - thank you