Pure Collection sells mainly Ladieswear through online & telephone mail order and retail stores. Women make up 84.8% of our workforce and 79% of our managers are female. Our Executive Team is made up of 50% women with our CEO being female. Within Pure the majority of high paid women are employed in technical specialist roles in Head Office and Retail Management. Whatever our colleagues do at Pure Collection – whether they talk to customers, design, pick & pack or look after our finances, to succeed we believe our colleagues need to be from a diverse range of backgrounds and work as part of a proud inclusive culture.



As Pure Collection employs more than 250 people we are required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report showing the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings. Under the regulations there are two ways to measure the pay gap.



If you add the hourly pay of all the women working for our company and divide by the number of women this gives the mean pay. Comparing this with the same calculation for the men gives the mean pay gap. Our figure is 31% which indicates that the average hourly rate for a man was 31% more than the average woman. Most of our colleagues are employed in the retail sector in less technical roles, and these are predominantly female.



If you line up all the men and women working at our company in two separate lines in order of hourly pay, the median pay gap will be the difference in hourly rate between the middle woman and the middle man.

Our figure is 15%, the ‘middle’ man being paid 15% more per hour than the ‘middle’ woman. Again this is because 65% of colleagues are employed in Retail and Customer Services. This is our report for the snapshot date of 5th April 2017:

mean gender pay gap 31.3%
medium gender gap 15%
mean bonus gender pay gap  -461.3%
medium bonus gender -371.7%
proportion of male employees who recieve a bonus  7.5%
proportion of female employees who recieve a bonus  20.3%



Retail and customer services are the only areas of the business where bonus was paid in 2017; (bonus pay includes sales commission). This has caused the large disparity in favour of female colleagues.



The nature of our business naturally leads to the 15% of males we have in our business being recruited to more technical roles and the vast majority of our recruitment being female.



Our report is very similar to other organisations in the same sector. We will continue to encourage diversity in our workforce.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed by Sam Harrison, CEO