Examine your cashmere for stains or holes before washing it, as they will need to be treated first.


Found a hole? Why not let our cashmere experts take care of it by repairing your cashmere to look good as new by using our coveted care and repair service?


Turn your cashmere inside out and lay it flat before removing any pilling with a cashmere comb. Comb your cashmere in one direction to get the best results. Then turn your cashmere back the right way round and repeat. When you've finished de-pilling your cashmere, use a lint roller to remove any excess fluff.


Run a basin of tepid water, adding a capful of cashmere wash. Make sure that the water is lukewarm - your cashmere can shrink if it's too warm. Turn your cashmere inside out and leave to soak for 5 minutes. If you have any stains, work in our cashmere wash (avoid rubbing). Rinse your cashmere thoroughly - take care not to wring it.


Place your cashmere flat on top of a clean towel on a table before gently rolling them both up to remove any excess water. Then lay your cashmere into its natural shape on either a drying rack or another clean towel. Try not to hang your cashmere as this will distort the shape and fit.


When your cashmere is fully dry, fold and store it in our breathable Pure sweater bag, with our cedar balls to keep it beautifully fresh and to deter moths.

Machine Washable Cashmere

A selection of our signature cashmere pieces are machine washable - perfect for times when you're in a hurry. Simply check the label in your garment and see if it is suitable for machine washing. 

We do not recommend washing your cashmere in a top loading washing machine

1. Place your cashmere inside a laundry bag and wash with similar coloured knits or on its own.

2. Add a capful of Pure cashmere wash per knit. We do not recommend fabric conditioner.

3. Select a delicate wash cycle and wash at 30c (80F for the US) on a short spin. Reshape your cashmere while damp and dry flat, away from sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

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Machine Washable Cashmere

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